Conditions of sale of pipes for extraction systems

Find out how to buy our products for your suction system

Seven reserves the right to accept or decline any orders received. Delivery dates are purely indicative, and not binding. Orders can also be filled partially.

Goods are always shipped at the risk and expense of the recipient. On receipt of the goods, the recipient must verify in the presence of the carrier that there are no items missing, and no faults that could have occurred during transport. Where items are found to be missing or faulty, the recipient shall advise the carrier immediately by entering a written statement in the shipping document. Failure to provide such a statement shall relieve the carrier of all liability in the matter. The recipient shall also proceed to inform the supplier Seven s.r.l. of the occurrence, likewise in writing, by registered mail, no later than 3 days after taking delivery of the shipment.

Seven S.r.l. will make every effort to ensure that delivery dates are met, but cannot guarantee any date unconditionally. Claims for compensation in respect of failure to meet a delivery date cannot be given consideration in the event of strikes, disorders, accidents or other causes beyond the control of Seven s.r.l.

Transport costs are payable by the purchaser or client, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties (supplier, customer).

Packing: carton pallets, wooden crates, boxes or any other bulky or special packing solutions are always chargeable to the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties (supplier, customer).

The return of goods will not be accepted unless authorized previously by the company in writing.

Bills for goods must be settled in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. In the event of payments becoming overdue, interest will be charged at the current bank rate, plus any expenses incurred in collection of the debt.

In the event of disputes leading to legal action, the courts of Padua shall have jurisdiction.